05 Sep

My Surfing Journey – Shaka Brah !

Every surfer in the world knows where is Indonesia and it will be in their dream destinations surf bucket to be able to dance with the wave, ridding barrels after barrels in warm water.

Born and bred in a tropical country, it does not mean that all Indonesians love being in the water.  One of my former colleagues from France told me once that he surprised that not a lot of Indonesian people able to swim.

However, I love water since I was kid and any water sports would be a dream to learn, achieve and be a hobby as long as I can afford it. I started learning to swim when I was 9 year old because it was one of the activities that I could enjoy at the orphan house I lived from aged 5 – 15 year old.

In fact, in some part of Indonesia, beaches and the sea is sacred places, hence,  we should be away from the sea to stay safe, wear the correct colour of the clothes and respect the sea. I grew up hearing the story about The Queen of The Sea and believed to the story.

With the fact that I could not afford any other water sport equipment other than a cheap swimming suit, let alone a surfboard.

Short to the story, I learnt surfing for the first time when I moved to Bali where I went to Kuta beach almost every evening for sunset, rented a very old board which was very heavy because a lot of water inside the board until I could not really walk with it with the thought that I needed to get my upper body stronger (LOL).

When my husband and I decided to move to the UK for good, I said to myself, I need to do some exercise and getting used to the British weather.
The first obstacle, to get in to the UK water, either you like it or not, to be able to stay in the water for a long time, you need to wear a wetsuit
Hence, I bought a second hand wetsuit from a charity shop for £5, apparently the wetsuit was too small and I could not get out easily until I cried and asked my husband to cut the wetsuit and felt really really sick wrapped by it.

After came back to Wales from my contract job for almost a year, I decided to save some money, bought the  correct size of wetsuit and I bought a board that easy to carry and ride for my ‘so so’ skill, because I do not really like the foamy board that usually use for the surfing course because it reminds me of the old days when I could not walk in Kuta beach in the better version.

Last winter, I saw a second hand surf betty – NSP 6’8″ surfboard for sale on facebook page and decided to buy it, I ride it over winter………….yes … you are reading it correctly……           I RIDE THE BOARD OVER WINTER and decided to swap the board to a fun board 5’10” by local shapper.

Sometimes, I cannot believe myself that I might be one of the few tropical kids that climatized with cold, wet, grey, windy Welsh weather and found my freedom back in the water no matter what is the temperature and looking forward into surfing in autumn and winter.

Learning how to master surfing is hard and definitely it is one of expensive sports, I am one of the lucky people who can afford to build up the equipment that necessary for cold water surf and get myself addicted to it, while many others probably can not.

The photo below was taken during 18 degree water temperature and I decided to wear shorty 2mm and a boardshort. Am I climatised?


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11 Apr

Facebook 2016 Challenge – EcoWarrior

Will you take the challenge ? to give back to the environment ? Will you ?

I have taken the FB challenge 2016 – Collecting rubbish wherever you are.

I have done a 30 minutes run to Swansea Bay Beach this morning and collected a black bag full of rubbish that washed up to the shore at night. I cannot clean up the whole stretch of bay in 30 – 45 minutes but if everyone takes the challenge wherever you are, this small action is your giving back to the environment.

Also, the amount of rubbish along Swansea Bay is not as much as rubbish in Indonesia, my birth country.

However, those rubbish could killed wild animals in the sea, such as turtles, birds, fish etc or even a surfer.

Are you ready to take the facebook challenge 2016? Post your photos on facebook / instagram and be proud because this is your selfie of your environmental action.

PS: the temperature was 5 degree and cold for a tropical kid like me 😀 and excuse my Indonesian-British accent. (no scripts and video editing, i have not got time due to my study assignments)

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10 Apr

Yoga Blocks for Core and Arms Strength

I was working for a giant company in Reading last year for a short project and the company provides gym and various exercise classes that available for employees to use as they please and found out that I could not even use the pull up stand because my core and arms were so weak. I trained myself but it was not really easy. I decided to buy two yoga blocks made of cork using the voucher that my husband has from one of sport shops where we get most of our exercise clothing.

I have used the pair almost almost everyday and I could feel the different that I am able holding this pose for sometimes. I guess, these yoga blocks work for me to strengthen my core and arms muscles. I use balance ball and kettle bells also some normal weight for different exercise that I do at home, and rotate the exercise for different muscles and body part.

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23 Feb

A Monitor or Two? which one suits your needs?

Being a current STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) student but a non fresh-graduated student, since I have got a total of 19 years work experience in various engineering business, it means I have involved more in the business, rather than the academic subject itself.

However, I have found it easier to work with two computer screen, rather than one big monitors. Oh well, if you are travelling a lot, a small computer is essential or even a tablet.
Myself, do not really like to carry around a laptop as I had enough with it.

For you, a computer monitor or two? which one suits your needs?

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PS : having a total 19 years work experience, it does mean I am old ! LOL

22 Feb

Yoga, When I Try Stay Flexible above 30

These days so many people practicing yoga from amateurs to pros and so many yoga inspiration videos and photos all over the internet, my favorite is Instagram and youtube yoga tutorials and its free ! yes… free !

I love Yoga … although I do not like to go to exercise class and listen to someone else telling me what to do, or asks me I have to bend my knees and inhale or exhale.

Hey, again, yoga is safer to practice under someone who are also practices yoga or knows yoga more than you do…. (that’s what I read somewhere on the internet)  if you try to do a little bit hard pose or all those upside down poses or balancing pose. Just in case you are falling while practicing, someone will catch you.

I do a little bit of yoga, with the aims to be able to kiss my knees even until I get older and I practice every now and then, not everyday because I have done some other exercises as well, like cycling, swimming, walking, and yes … surfing …. also kayaking (only in summer).

Yoga is great for surfers since the wave often rolls me to swiss-role cake … yumm and I feel fine because I am flexible.

Here are some yoga poses that I did, it is not perfect and I do not plan to be a yogini full-time. Yoga …. you are awesome ! yoginis and yoginos outhere, you are my inspirations too.

My first headstand but my husband did it better ….

Keep fit and strong together

A photo posted by Debs Beale (@oiladangbeale) on

A better balance doing headstand

Wheel pose while wearing jeans, it was hard and still hard

Getting higher and higher each week. The mat is slippery and my hands couldn't grip on it. Self tough yoga.

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Crow pose is the most difficult pose for me, because I did not have strong abs


First time doing headstand without leaning on a wall

Headstand in Southerndown beach #selftaughyoga

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Husband did the tripod headstand variation…. to support me with my yoga photos

Steve tripod headstand variation on Southerndown beach.

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Bow pose … imperfect pose …. on a perfect sunny day

Enjoying the sun …Swansea Bay

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Front split …. not perfect ….but easier to do front split on sand….

Front split in Swansea Bay, my flexibility journey

A photo posted by Debs Beale (@oiladangbeale) on

Warrior pose …. excuse my moon, but again, its the result of daily squats 😀

Warrior pose, Swansea bay.

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Higher wheel pose and no jeans this time ….

Headstand … I did not the trick yet ……


Until … I found the trick how to do handstand,  just about two days before our wedding day 😀

Shaka Brah !!!

Keep practicing and stay healthy, happy and flexible !

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19 Feb

Mastering Go-Pro while Surfing.

I have been trying to familiar-st myself to Go-Pro Hero 4 Session since my other-half bought the camera as a Christmas present and I have been using it for viewing how is my surfing progress, however, surfing and worrying about your underwater camera is not a good combo.

I had some fun for last few days and looking forward to get a new shorter board and have more fun until the wave is flat in summer, if we are lucky then some waves in summer too.

Some random shots that my go-pro caught …. not bad …. but really it feels cheesy and again I have never had surfing photo before other than when I learnt in Bali haha …

Valentine day… surfing together… #love #couples

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Morning surf… it was fun. 7 degree in winter month #surfing #winter #indonesian #coldwaterchallenge

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What my gopro caught this morning #surfing #indonesian #coldwaterchallenge #winter

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16 Feb

Swansea Bay, we call it ‘Our Playground’.

We moved to our new place after almost three months we were house sitting at my father-in-law’s house while he was travelling to Australia and New Zealand.

We want to buy a flat that located in the city centre of Swansea but does not feel in the city, thus, Swansea Marina became the first choice.  However, before we decide to buy a flat, we have decided to try how to live in a small flat with minimalist lifestyle in one of the flats there, so… at the moment we are renting someone else flat until we find the right flat to buy. Fingers crossed.

There are several reasons why we choose Swansea Marina area …

1. ) Unlimited playground for kids, dogs, young, adults without age limits.

Morning walk in a sunny winter morning… I need a furry friend or two.

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We both love sea and water, in winter time like present,  we can walk or run along the bay or on the cycle path route 4, sometimes we can go swimming with wetsuits to cover up and to keep warm. Meanwhile, in summer, we can have fire on the beach whilst doing BBQ (you can buy fresh fish from fish monger in Trawler Road) and hopefully we will be able to adopt a dog or two soon and make them one of the happiest dogs to enjoy their playground where they can enjoy it as much as we are human-amphibians.

2.) Near Meridian Tower, where you can enjoy good food and the view of Swansea from above.

Our playground, just two minutes walk from our new place…. for next few years till we finish our study…..

A photo posted by Debs Beale (@oiladangbeale) on

We had our wedding lunch with family at the Meridian Tower’s restaurant on the top floor. The food was good and the dessert platter was good as well. We go there once in a while.
I have heard that some footballers who play for Swansea City club live there and sometimes when Manchester United football club play in Swansea, you can see the famous football players sit outside Marriot Hotels while waiting for their bus ( I have never seen them as I am not a big football fan :D).

Two years ago, I was walking a dog (voluntary work) and about 10 football players was running on Swansea bay, they said thank you to me because I held the dog and let them running without stopping. (this dog was barking a little bit mad if seeing people approaching nearby it, maybe scared). I did not realise until I saw them on the news at Swansea City players parade event.

3.) The Marina, itself.

See the photo caption, yes …. not every place where we lived has marina, if there is one nearby us, we will definitely appreciate it. The view of Swansea Marina at night is stunning when the sky is clear.
Also you can visit National Waterfront Museum that is open everyday of the week.

At the moment, we are enjoying our new playground more than other places where we lived before, other than Bali Island in Indonesia where we lived for almost 3 years.

4. Sunset and Sunrise 

Sunset, husband, meridian tower, Swansea bay beach, playground…

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This is how I enjoy the bay during summer and winter ….

Before surfing this morning

A photo posted by Debs Beale (@oiladangbeale) on

Warrior pose, Swansea bay.

A photo posted by Debs Beale (@oiladangbeale) on

Above all, this area is located right in the middle between Swansea University Park and Bay Campus where we will be spending most of our time in next few years during our study.

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15 Jan

UCAS : Conditional / Unconditional Offer

I submitted my UCAS application to two universities in Swansea last November and within one week, I heard back from Swansea University’s admission team that they offered me a conditional offer to study Aerospace Engineering starting in September 2016 with the condition to complete 120 credits of my current study with The UK Open University (OU).

I was very happy and still is ……

Earlier this afternoon,  a month after my UCAS submission, I have got a reply from UWTSD that they are also offered me a place in their institution to study ‘Energy and Environmental Engineering’, surprisingly, unconditional offer !!!

These both programs study is also including a year in industry, which will give me good experience when I am ready to work in the industry, although I have got a total of 18 years work experience in various engineering fields as a technical document controller and project administrator.

However, I did not realise that  I can choose both of the option as firm choice and insurance choice, which is very helpful, just in case ….

Chrome Legacy Window 14012016 182416.bmp

Conditional and unconditional offers have the difference between the offers.
First, conditional offer is that Read More

10 Jan

Dear Mr. Math Algebra ….

Dear Mr. Math Algebra,

I know I like you more than English literature and other theoretical subject, however, I have been spending my afternoon trying to find your X and unfortunately, she is not coming back and please do not ask me Y …

I am struggling to answer your questions and please solve your own problem.

Sincerely yours,
A struggle engineering student

Dear Algebra, you are soooo annoying and I have spent two hours for one question!!! #algebra #maths

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PS : I have found this photo from internet and could not find where is the source was again after two long hours working on one question of my math module 🙁

08 Jan

Born as A Nomadic and Water Person

Map of Indonesia …. Yes, It is a big country !

Photo credit : www.worldatlas.com

I am an Indonesian by birth and blood definitely and very proud of it, however, I am a British citizen by law since 15/12/2015 and yes, it is a privilege to be a British as I have been living in The UK since July 2012.

I often asked by people who I have met, a simple question as ‘where are you from?’ and it appears that the simple question is one of the most difficult and confusing to answer.
In the end the person who asked me ends up confused especially if s/he knows Indonesia very well.

Erhhh …. Sorry but I cannot really change the fact, can I?

Question (Q) : Hi Debs, where are you from? if you do not mind me asking.

Me – Answer (A) : Indonesia …

Q : Where is in Indonesia?

A : Are you sure do you want to listen to the answer??

Q : Oh yeah … pretty sure ! It is not difficult, is it?

A : OK … I was born in a little village in East Java, raised in the capital of Central Java then I left Java after I finished my high-school to an industrial island in Riau and they called it Batam. My mom is from East Java, my dad is from West Timor. They met in Lampung, Sumatera. My childhood places memory other than Java, include Lampung, Branti, Curup in Bengkulu. These places are in Sumatera.

Q : Ah, I see …. so … I assumed you are a Javanese or a Timorese?

A : Nah, I am not sure about that, I speak Javanese fluently and have the thick village accent which you cannot really get it if you move to Java when you already have your previous accent. However, I have never been to where my dad was from and I do not speak his dialect either.

Q : So …. again as you speak fluent Javanese, you can say that you are Javanese.

A : It is not like, if I go to Java, no one would believe if I speak Javanese as I do not look like Javanese at all. I do look like someone from Timor, though.

Q : Oh right …. how about if you go to Timor or other islands where you think that your ancients were from that area?

A : Nah …. I went to Flores and someone in the airport asked me where I am from, I said, I am from Timor (although my accent could not lie that sounds really really Javanese) … and this person asked me again, oh but why your hair looks like fretellin hair. Apparently, people in Flores or Timor called people who have got  Portuguese heritage as Fretellin …..and I have their hair !

Q : Yes, that’s confusing … I assumed that Batam is your hometown.

A : Batam is where I come home to see my family. Again, I am not sure if it is my hometown. I lived and worked in Batam for about 10 years, then Bintan just about 1 hour by boat from Batam, then Sibolga in North Sumatera, Lombok and Bali. I lived in Bali for almost 3 years before my other-half and I  relocated to The UK for good.

Q : I think that is so much to answer for a simple question as ‘where are you from’. I should not asking any further questions.


Oh well, the above conversation is not only asked few times but it is likely most of the time when I meet someone new just to keep the conversation going haha.

Well, I guess … I was born as a nomadic …. I travel not for holiday or pleasure but for living as well as my husband. It might be given down through my parents gens as they both were traveled for a living when they were young. I have to live with it happily and take every opportunity that comes to travel and looking for a new life in a new place.

I have met some Europeans who lived or worked in Indonesia and said that not a lot of Indonesian can swim. Some of them surprised that I can swim and love being in the water even in winter ! May be I was born as a water person because my dad served in Indonesian Navy when he was young before he married to my mother and he lived by the sea in a little island in Eastern of Indonesia where he liked to fetch fish and swimming enjoying crystal clear water ocean just like other people who live in little islands in pacific oceans ….. and we share the same facial features and hair from our ancient.

PS : As I am British now, when I go back to Indonesia, I might still have to answer the same question. This is not happened only to me but many other people who are mixed race and travel for a living.

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